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  • FREE Child Report - What about the health and well being of your kids? Get your FREE report at Astrocenter.
  • Your Health - Search the net for health sites and info
  • Astro*Varsity - Astro*Varsity - Academy of Astrology and the Healing Arts.
  • Horoscope Health - Our vision at Astrological Health is to bring you a sense of good health and well being by balancing the needs of your body, mind & spirit.
  • Medical Astrology by Thomas Peterson, M.Sc - The web site of Thomas Peterson, M.Sc is your place for not only astrology charts, but also how the zodiac affects your health among other factors rarely explorered by Western physicians.
  • Symbalas: Personal, Symbolic, Energy Mandalas - Symbalas - Symbolic portraits of an individuals unique energy signature in the form of a mandala. Each one is created from an intuitive integration of Astrology, Numerology, Sacred Geometry and Color.
  • The Astrologer's Path - Now offering an online Gallery of unique art pieces plus astrological interpretations, Tarot card readings, energy and charka balancing.

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